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– About Us –

past, present and future

1962 marked the start of the history of Grupo Cocamatic, coinciding with the installation of the first amusement machines in Spain, guided by Mr Alfonso Palomares. He saw the potential for the development of this sector and became one of the pioneers of the private gaming industry in Spain.

This industry rapidly developed as did the company, which went from being a mere distributor to become a manufacturer, operator and manager of salons and bingo halls throughout the peninsula.

Over these years, the company has always remained a family business, constantly guided by the same values of humanity and excellence. The Group, now run by the second generation, is looking to the future by adding new business lines and working day by day as a team with its more than 100 employees, focussed on building something big.

– About Us –

our business purpose

To build something big, working as a team and always seeking excellence and to be at the forefront.

To build something big, working as a team and always seeking excellence and to be at the forefront.


We meet our commitments to customers by acting honestly and with integrity. We are transparent and true to our principles.


We are committed to excellence, always seeking the highest quality in our products and services.


We are accessible and our relations with customers, employees and suppliers are based on trust and a personal and friendly service.


We are focussed on continuous improvement, directed at creating new products and services that meet our customers needs.

– About Us –

corporate social responsability

At Grupo Cocamatic, we are all deeply committed to our work. For this reason, the mandatory compliance with the social, labour and environmental legislation is a duty that we take very seriously.
We value any action that allows us to improve our quality of life and the social environment in which we operate.
With this aim in mind, we are implementing a number of initiatives that are recognised by customers, partners and the social groups directly involved.

 – sports area –


We are one of the longest standing sponsors of the Nava Handball Club, which has been competing in the Asobal League for the last two years and also has an extremely worthy track record in lower categories.

We are particularly proud of this collaboration due to its origins, a small village in Segovia, and its integration in the society of Castilla and Léon.

A Club that is proud to be the only one in the province to take part in the highest category in Spain in its sports discipline and, thanks to the backing of local companies and loyal supporters, it has achieved some great successes which we hope will continue over time.


Since its creation in 2005, we have been collaborating with the physical-sports activities of the not-for-profit association Sporting Nava Club de Fútbol, a sports association with which we share the values of supporting, promoting and disseminating sport in general and specifically with regard to young people.

Its efforts to facilitate football playing has led it to count on more than 100 boys and girls from 17 towns and villages in the province of Segovia, where sportsmanship and friendly competition are flagship values shared by us. 

The priority is to ensure that any child can get a chance to practice his or her favourite sport as an after-school activity.


We are lending our support to a number of schemes being implemented in Castilla and León directed at getting funds and equipping the professionals who are working with great effort and dedication in order to overcome together the current situation with regard to Covid-19.

Through the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Federation of Segovia, we have recently become involved in a project for “Mascarillas Solidarias” for the purchase of the material required to make the face masks for use by healthcare providers. We consider that this is the greatest recognition that we can offer all those who are seeking to restore normality in our society.

– economic social area –


We are proud of our long-standing history of more than 50 years in the leisure, entertainment and gaming sector.

We firmly believe that, as part of the economic fabric of our society, we are obliged to act responsibly and to ensure that all our services are enjoyed in a mindful and balanced way.

We apply all the measures required by the Administrations in compliance with the regulations in force in each Autonomous Community in which we operate. We are the first to demand an exhaustive control in order to offer a service of quality that represents our key objective of offering safe and healthy leisure and entertainment. However, we are also aware of the need to inform and educate the most vulnerable. With this aim in mind we lend our support to Responsible Gaming campaigns at both a state and associational level. 

Of these, one of the most important is the FES Project (Training, Education and Awareness Raising)

We are founder members of the Platform for Sustainable Gaming, through which we are working together with the Administration and with professionals dedicated to providing clinical care for behavioural addictions, designing tools and conducting training, education and awareness-raising campaigns directed at High School and Vocational Training students as well as the families.

All with the primary objective of preventing addictions and promoting healthy leisure habits in our minors.

To achieve this, we are supported by Pedro Gª Aguado as the project’s ambassador. He has extensive knowledge of juvenile problems with regard to behavioural addictions and is a fantastic communicator, meaning that these young people see him as a real «Big Brother».

However, we are also implementing our own Smart and Responsible Gaming campaign.

t Grupo Cocamatic we care about implementing policies to support responsible gaming and we allocate material and human resources to that end. We also invite all our suppliers and customers to actively take part in any initiative that serves to promote the image of our sector through responsible attitudes.


In compliance with the applicable regulations in force, extending the culture of prevention to all business areas, we strictly safeguard our customers’ data, complying with the Data Protection Programme according to Constitutional Law 3/2018, of 5 December.

Likewise, we are implementing the appropriate Crime Prevention Programme according to Constitutional Law 1/2015 of 30 March, amending Constitutional Law 10/1995 of 23 November, on the Criminal Code.

And we comply with the System for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing insofar as we are a legally-bound reporting party according to Law 10/2010, of 28 April.


Committed to equal treatment and opportunities, we are in favour of equal integration and we avoid social stereotypes that lead to inequalities between men and women. So much so that almost 50% of the Group’s employees are women and we are working on an ongoing basis to ensure that reconciliation of work and private life is a reality.

Our employees are closely integrated with the company and are one of the key drivers in the Group’s development and growth. Over the last few years, new personnel have joined our company and this has meant a fresh stimulus for youth and talent. We hope that this, together with the experience and know-how of our staff, becomes the best formula to establish and develop the foundations of our most immediate future.

  • Over 60 years 5% 5%
  • Between 50 to 60 years 21% 21%
  • Between 40 to 50 years 33% 33%
  • Under 40 years 44% 44%





 – environmental area –

At Grupo Cocamatic we are committed to the responsible recycling of electrical and electronic equipment waste (EEEW) to ensure sustainable development.

We are members of the ECOLEC Foundation, ea Non-profit Entity that works together with producers and distributors of electrical and electronic devices, batteries and accumulators, etc. in order to minimise the environmental impact of the waste from the same.

ECOLEC is registered in the Foundations Protectorate, coming under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and is part of: The Global Compact, OfiRaee, Confemetal and WeeeLogic, projects and platforms that are moving towards the transition to circular renewable energy.

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  C/ Eduardo Torroja, 18 N10 y 11
  28823 Coslada
         MADRID – España

  +34 916 71 69 80


  C/ Eduardo Torroja, 18 N10 y 11
  28823 Coslada
         MADRID – España

  +34 916 71 69 80